Enhance Your Writing Skills By Playing Ping Pong

One would wonder what is even common between these two? And how can playing ping pong help with the writing skills? But a game of ping pong is more than you think of it. A game of table tennis teaches you many things and helps in improving the overall skills. One among which is writing; here, I will explain how playing table tennis can enhance your writing skills.

Ping pong is not just any other game of bat and ball that needs two players. It is much more above it This game is about conditioning your mind. The game teaches you to quickly fire back as the ball comes fast to you than your thought. You can actually hear the rhythms of reflective conversation. And trust me, the exchange of wits is best when minds are alert. This game also lowers your expectations and teaches you to face disappointment and loss in life. This is quite an important lesson in life that everyone needs to learn from this game.

Once have played this game, you can never stop doing it because it teaches you stuff. Not only from the present match but also from the previous matches where you have faced defeat. On sleepless nights, we keep on thinking where things went wrong or what different you should have done. But each time the results will be the same. This teaches you in accepting your fate and learning new things from them. Another important thing is the excellent stability of this pingpong table, same like that you learn the importance of strength in every expects. A game of ping-pong is more like an art. You strive, you learn, you improvise, and you make the best version of yourself.

Now you would ask, why not some other sport? You do have a valid question, but I have an explanation for that too. Unlike others, table tennis is every private game. The shy people are more attracted to this game because they know it is a very personal and private affair, First of all, no one is watching over you, so you do not feel exposed to a number of eyes. Moreover, you can play very close to yourself, and your arm just moves as fast as your thought (you can also say an extension of your thought). This game gives you time to be only with yourself. Even your opponent is very far as he hardly gets time to look at you or understand your thoughts. In this game, you are formal and stilted in terms even with your own self.

All these qualities and skills help you a lot into your writing career or for the matter, any career option). You start understanding yourself well, and that is how you will be better at expressing yourself. With foggy and jumbled thoughts, it is difficult to move forward in any field, especially in the writing career. Playing ping pong will help you understand them and enhance your writing skills.