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Founder, Mission, And Vision

About Our Founder

Our founder is a book nerd and among the best-selling authors in the U.S. And, just like many writers out there, including woman-be writers, Thomas Malaby was once an unpublished and unknown writer. But, he was not deterred from achieving his dreams and eventually got published. The professor works at the Department of Anthropology at the University of Wisconsin and continues to produce best-selling books for his audience. Malaby enjoys writing for informational purposes, inspiration and entertainment. His love for writing books inspire him to start a blog where he’d share ideas, opinions, writing experience, and tips with his audience or readers.

Mission And Vision


What’s more amazing than writing a book people love to read? Well, our mission is to continue writing many best sellers while helping writers to improve their writing skills.


Our aim is to become a leading trainer of writers and authors, helping them write more books for our coming generations. We look to become a leading platform for all information about book writing and editing.

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"Writing is the best way to talk without being interrupted"