Why can writers think more in the shower?

Have you ever wondered why there are not some of your best ideas (for example, when you are in the bathroom)? Creativity is an apparently mysterious event, but in reality, it is a separate process that results from several key factors.
Liu Friedrich explains the creative science of Buffer’s blog. The brain gives us the best ideas:
There is a lot of dopamine in our brain. Actors such as exercise, listening to music and hot showers increase the flow of dopamine.

We are satisfied If we have a nice mind, we can focus our attention on the inside, we can create insightful connections. We saw how drunk and sleepy they were for creativity.
Our attention has been diverted. Confusions give our brain a break so that the subconscious can work more creatively on the problem. (This is closer to the assumption that John Cleese will allow you to establish your ideas).
Dopamine is a high, comfortable and amazing condition: it is not surprising that you have wonderful thoughts in your soul.
The most important lesson is to make sure there is a way to capture your thoughts anytime, anywhere. If you are an intelligent person, there are Aqua Notes.

Be aware of your hard tasks

Surveys show that you have a creative idea when you do something monotonous, like fishing, playing sports or swimming. Because these actions do not require much reflection, they will be tested automatically. Free your subconscious mind to work on something else. Turn your mind and your brain silently plays a free game without restrictions.

When your chest relaxes and opens your DMN device, you can create new and innovative connections that will transform your work consciousness.

Therefore, the ideas you have in your office are very different from the ideas you have in your business – you have a somewhat boring position towards the office. If you think too much about the problem, your network will be disabled by default. This increases the control of the prefrontal cortex. Not bad, it attracts your attention and gives you the opportunity to stop looking at the images of the cats and stick to the deadline. But at the same time, it can make you creative. Because if you focus on a relative, the brain is likely to control unconventional and creative choices.
Why do we have clever ideas in the bathroom?
Freestyle Raplemen does not show us that they show a high degree of creativity, but this does not explain why beautiful ideas appear.

Alice Flaherty, one of the most famous neuroscientists working in creativity, has an answer for us. Another essential element for us to be creative: Dopamine: when more dopamine is created, we are more creative and say:
“People differ in their creative activity compared to the activity of the dopamine tracts in the limbic system.”
This diagram shows how dopamine affects some areas of the brain and causes a more creative movement during work:
For events, hot triggers that make us feel like growing and relaxing, which increases the flow of dopamine, to take a hot shower, to move, to return home, and so on. D. session. Your chances of getting clever ideas are much greater.

This can be achievable with the right brand and model of the shower head. Some brands don’t achieve the right temperature and are not easy to move around for a more comfortable shower
That’s not all. Dopamine does not have a unique cause, caused by hundreds of events that were not only creative. Researcher Harvard Carson: Another crucial factor: deviations
“In other words, the worry can create the impression that you should abandon the reform in an inactive decision.”