How authors write about Billiard Article

Billiard has a history starting from the 15th century; English historicists mentioned the wrapping of the body of the of Scots, Mary, in her table cover. Shakespeare wrote the famous line “lets to billiards” in his masterpiece Antonius and Cleopatra.

Many famous billiard enthusiasts are Louis IV of France, Marie Antoinette. Mozart, Napoleon, Mark Twain, Charles Dickens, Roosevelt, and Babe Ruth. The billiard category includes snooker, pool, and carom.

When playing billiard? Are we talking about the age or about the best opportunity to play billiard?

Billiard fans can play in bars or cafeterias, individual or two or more teams. There are many billiards contests all over the world, there are champions and stars, they are training professionally, day by day, to improve their skills.

If we are talking about the age, we can’t ignore the health benefits of playing billiard. I found a book about the Health Fitness Revolution (Samir Becic).

-Billiard is helpful to stop aging in men. The University of Copenhagen released a study showing that playing a game of pool and drinking beer helps older men to pass from passive activity to active activity during an evening with friends. Playing pool help to improve muscular activity and burn

– A significant amount of concentration is necessary to play billiard. People who can focus on their target (the cue ball and the target ball). The payer must concentrate on the angle of the target cue, the aspect of the cue ball and cue stick ( to realize a good strike.

– Burns calories – walking around the pool table unexpected benefits, up to 100 trips around the table are fat consuming.

– Build control – people are less likely to panic, to have fear attracts and can think logically, ready to go to action with no hesitation.

Wiki how authors are describing in detail, with pictures and sketches how to play pool. The best book about billiard id “The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Billiards” wrote by Michael Shamos in 1993. Michael explains the slang associated with this sport and the terminology. He is mentioning the
other games from the billiard category.


Billiard is a sport where the equipment is essential. Lots
of billiard fans are writing about billiard articles. Many authors emphasize
that the best stuff is not the best in many situations. Some generous authors
are ready to share their knowledge and hard-won wisdom, showing that a good
pool cue can be purchased in a large-scale price category.

There are objects under $50, under $100 and so on, until under $300. The author emphasis on the fact the higher price is not, the better choice in many situations. Casual or beginner players can use a cheap material being more careful using the cue; the hardness or the softness depends on the player preferences. Pool cue under $50 AB Earth 2 – 18-21 Oz 13mm. The stick is made from cheap components, has average size and performs great for a beginner. It is recommended to young players, can be easily replaced when broken.

Players technology Series HXT is looking beautiful, does the author recommend the best stick. It is made of hard rock maple from North America, has a unique epoxy finish and is treated with Nelsonite, to stabilize it from atmospheric changes.

The authors passionate and professional give useful info about the material and helps beginners or professionals guidelines to purchase player sticks and other necessary documents).