How Authors Can Take Advantage of Technology

Technology is here with us, it is up to us to take advantage of it or not. Just like any discipline, it comes with its own share of advantages and disadvantages. For authors, technology is a blessing in disguise. The traditional way in which authors had to go through to make sure that their hardbound books are published is something that is slowly decreasing because of the ebooks or online books. Currently, the technological tools available in the market had made dissemination of information something simple and efficient. After all, treating technology as a threat for authors is a choice because technology can be their ally to promote their books to many people. Here are some results of technological advancements that can help authors?

As long as you have the necessary information, you can just use the available packages and just have an ebook on a website which is simple and efficient. With a website, you will be able to have a link to your content such that it is easy for your readers to just have a look at your work. Moreover, you can as well link the website to various marketing automation tools you settled on Convertkit like Authority Automation. All you need is to use the import function of the application and paste the content of your book then it will be available.

Wide audience
If you do not have the hard copy book you can still sell it online as an ebook. Currently, you may even have a free ebook on the internet which is ideal to get a varied audience. The fact that someone can just access the book with just a click of a button makes it one of the best ways to increase your audience. After all, you wrote the book for people to read. In fact, for readers, it has made access to information simple and efficient.

Reading tools
You really do not have to use the normal reading way, all you need is just to use some of the e-readers within the technology platform to have a proper view of the books. Have you read a 200-page book using a computer? It is tiresome and cumbersome, you just have to make sure that you get the right reading tools to read the book in such a seamless manner.

Social media
This is something that came up to help in connecting people. You can use this platform to increase the number of followers as well as avert the book such that all you need is just to send a link of the book and you will just be able to get followers who will, later on, become buyers of your books. At the same time, you can create a page for the book such that any writing you use the platform to make sure that you get the right audience. It is also a place where you get a one on one interaction with the readers to get feedback which can help you improve as an author.