How authors write about Billiard Article

Billiard has a history starting from the 15th century; English historicists mentioned the wrapping of the body of the of Scots, Mary, in her table cover. Shakespeare wrote the famous line “lets to billiards” in his masterpiece Antonius and Cleopatra.

Many famous billiard enthusiasts are Louis IV of France, Marie Antoinette. Mozart, Napoleon, Mark Twain, Charles Dickens, Roosevelt, and Babe Ruth. The billiard category includes snooker, pool, and carom.

When playing billiard? Are we talking about the age or about the best opportunity to play billiard?

Billiard fans can play in bars or cafeterias, individual or two or more teams. There are many billiards contests all over the world, there are champions and stars, they are training professionally, day by day, to improve their skills.

If we are talking about the age, we can’t ignore the health benefits of playing billiard. I found a book about the Health Fitness Revolution (Samir Becic).

-Billiard is helpful to stop aging in men. The University of Copenhagen released a study showing that playing a game of pool and drinking beer helps older men to pass from passive activity to active activity during an evening with friends. Playing pool help to improve muscular activity and burn

– A significant amount of concentration is necessary to play billiard. People who can focus on their target (the cue ball and the target ball). The payer must concentrate on the angle of the target cue, the aspect of the cue ball and cue stick ( to realize a good strike.

– Burns calories – walking around the pool table unexpected benefits, up to 100 trips around the table are fat consuming.

– Build control – people are less likely to panic, to have fear attracts and can think logically, ready to go to action with no hesitation.

Wiki how authors are describing in detail, with pictures and sketches how to play pool. The best book about billiard id “The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Billiards” wrote by Michael Shamos in 1993. Michael explains the slang associated with this sport and the terminology. He is mentioning the
other games from the billiard category.


Billiard is a sport where the equipment is essential. Lots
of billiard fans are writing about billiard articles. Many authors emphasize
that the best stuff is not the best in many situations. Some generous authors
are ready to share their knowledge and hard-won wisdom, showing that a good
pool cue can be purchased in a large-scale price category.

There are objects under $50, under $100 and so on, until under $300. The author emphasis on the fact the higher price is not, the better choice in many situations. Casual or beginner players can use a cheap material being more careful using the cue; the hardness or the softness depends on the player preferences. Pool cue under $50 AB Earth 2 – 18-21 Oz 13mm. The stick is made from cheap components, has average size and performs great for a beginner. It is recommended to young players, can be easily replaced when broken.

Players technology Series HXT is looking beautiful, does the author recommend the best stick. It is made of hard rock maple from North America, has a unique epoxy finish and is treated with Nelsonite, to stabilize it from atmospheric changes.

The authors passionate and professional give useful info about the material and helps beginners or professionals guidelines to purchase player sticks and other necessary documents).

How Authors Can Take Advantage of Technology

Technology is here with us, it is up to us to take advantage of it or not. Just like any discipline, it comes with its own share of advantages and disadvantages. For authors, technology is a blessing in disguise. The traditional way in which authors had to go through to make sure that their hardbound books are published is something that is slowly decreasing because of the ebooks or online books. Currently, the technological tools available in the market had made dissemination of information something simple and efficient. After all, treating technology as a threat for authors is a choice because technology can be their ally to promote their books to many people. Here are some results of technological advancements that can help authors?

As long as you have the necessary information, you can just use the available packages and just have an ebook on a website which is simple and efficient. With a website, you will be able to have a link to your content such that it is easy for your readers to just have a look at your work. Moreover, you can as well link the website to various marketing automation tools you settled on Convertkit like Authority Automation. All you need is to use the import function of the application and paste the content of your book then it will be available.

Wide audience
If you do not have the hard copy book you can still sell it online as an ebook. Currently, you may even have a free ebook on the internet which is ideal to get a varied audience. The fact that someone can just access the book with just a click of a button makes it one of the best ways to increase your audience. After all, you wrote the book for people to read. In fact, for readers, it has made access to information simple and efficient.

Reading tools
You really do not have to use the normal reading way, all you need is just to use some of the e-readers within the technology platform to have a proper view of the books. Have you read a 200-page book using a computer? It is tiresome and cumbersome, you just have to make sure that you get the right reading tools to read the book in such a seamless manner.

Social media
This is something that came up to help in connecting people. You can use this platform to increase the number of followers as well as avert the book such that all you need is just to send a link of the book and you will just be able to get followers who will, later on, become buyers of your books. At the same time, you can create a page for the book such that any writing you use the platform to make sure that you get the right audience. It is also a place where you get a one on one interaction with the readers to get feedback which can help you improve as an author.

Professor insights about ping pong

The educational angle looks at ping pong as a brain game responsible for the cognitive development of a player. Research shows that a child who engages in table tennis at a young age has a higher IQ compared to one who lives a sedentary life. Health professors attribute physical fitness to the game. The physical intensity involved in the game helps in the management of stress levels of a player allowing them to have a holistic life experience.

Professors look at table tennis from the following perspectives in relation to health

Physical health

The body responds to the intensity of the movements. The physical exercises involved in ping pong contributes to a buildup of lactic acid which further help to burn calories. Professors in their clinical tests admit that it helps in maintenance of a healthy body weight and enhance muscular endurance and agility levels.

The perfect table tennis equipment can be got in since the tennis tables are made of heavy-duty fiberboard and a rubber lining to support the bouncing back of the ball for a response from the receiving side. If you want to have a full boy exercise from the head to the toe, then ping pong takes the lead.

Emotional health

After a hard days’ work sitting on your table with less physical activity thinking the same thing then your mind tend to have a symmetrical level of thinking. Diversity in thought is vital for emotional health. Ping pong allows the brain to exercise logic and reasoning for the benefit of a win. This allows you to have a high IQ which helps you in making the right decisions that govern your life.

Furthermore, at the end of the day, the body produces relaxing hormones which help to relieve anxiety and reduce stress. Research shows that a ping pong player is stable in mind and has a proper personality development. He also has improved decision-making skills got from brain exercises in table tennis.

Social health

“Man is not an island” a scholar once noted he add, a problem shared is half solved. The social interaction in table tennis as players comes in handy to increase one’s friendship base. In fact, many successful friendships are made from strangers.

When you win or lose because at the end of the day, you have to take either of the titles. Ping pong helps you to have a strong heart and endurance skills essential in facing life challenges. You emulate that in life if you lose, does it mean you will never play ping pong again or you through the talent and skills to the dogs? Of course, no? Ping pong builds your social and emotional personality to accommodate both failures and successes in life. Moreover, it gives you the right attitude which you use in your daily struggles at home or at work.

Professors advocate for any learning institution to integrate table tennis in the sports curriculum to have a holistic students growth. It reduces the current cases of suicide and truancy in educational institutions.

How a writer loves juicers

A writer’s life involves staying awake for long hours doing research and thinking on how to put ideas together in a logical manner, there is little time to even make a meal. The times they may have to prepare a meal there is the flow of content that when he stops to make a meal, writers’ block will not spare him. A fruit juice from the best Kuvings slow juicer come in handy to give him energy at the same time improve his cognitive thinking depending on the nutrients of the type of fruit. We cannot forget Omega Nutrition Center Juice renowned for its health benefits.

Why must writers have a fruit juicer?


At times, one may need a break to rejuvenate and stretch his arm muscles. Taking a walk to the grocery store to add stock in your fruit basket is a good workout plan. In addition, trying various fruits to make a unique juice helps a writer to have positive energy since it boosts their morale through the work of their hands.

This positive energy is essential in the writing industry to avoid plagiarism and have a clear state on the mind to produce high-quality content.

Promote healthy living

Different fruits have different nutritional content, which helps a writer to be free from some common ailments like colds and coughs even skin diseases. As long as a writer is healthy, he will handle his writing assignments with ease at the same time he will be efficient in handling the tough assignments. In addition, fruits help to repair worn out tissues as a result of the long hours of writing and sitting.

Furthermore, they are energy boosters, they have a moderate amount of calories essential for the provision of energy to the writer to maintain the right weight hence enhanced muscle building rather than weight gain.

Promotes portion control

Portion control is a weight loss strategy, juices give you the energy required in preventing tiredness and fatigue at the same time, keeps a writer full all the time. This aids in weight loss and further prevents lifestyle diseases associated with overweight.

Rejuvenates the skin

The water content in most of the fruit helps in maintenance of liquid content in blood helping to keep the skin healthy and moisturized. This aids in making a writer fit all the time to manage all his writing assignments on time.

A juicer can help blend both fruits and vegetables, which provides essential vitamins and minerals for the proper functioning of the body. In addition, the automated functions of the juicer help a writer to spend the minimal time giving him a chance to handle revisions and virtual tasks.

Writing involves comprehensive brain function, some of the fruits and vegetables contain macro and micro nutrients like calcium which promotes brain development hence improving the cognitive thinking of a writer. Generally, fruit juicers are must-have home appliances for a writer to promote clean and healthy eating. To enjoy all these benefits, have a variety of fruits and vegetables in the juice.

Dental health books? The ultimate choice in dentistry

Dental health is a sensitive subject that needs great care and experts in handling and operation. In fact, you need to have a renowned dentist in case you feel you need tooth refilling and tooth removal, otherwise, any simple error will lead render you toothless. Chipped tooth meme is a culture common among the young generation, some do it for fun while others especially celebrities do it to become spectacular in fashion.

Dental health information can be found in books for you to have knowledge on various aspects in health. Renowned authors who give insights based on experience in the industry write most of the dental books. The digital technology provides different various online tools in form of EBooks to equip readers with vast information on dental health.

Some of the books include

· Oxford handbook of Clinical Dentistry by Laura Mitchelle

· Just going to the dentist by Mecer Meyer

· Cure Tooth Decay by Ramiel Nagel

The title of the book gives you an idea of the content, if you need general information on dentistry then choose a book with a general title, you are sure I will cover most of the subject in dentistry. If you are specific on what you want, let the title and online reviews be a guide to achieving this.

Libraries are old tools of getting hard copy books. They have still become relevant in the current society. Visit a library near you, g to the health section. You will find several books on dental health. The only disadvantage of the library, you only read within the premises or you borrow for a specified period. In case you need your personal copy, then visit a bookshop and do a window-shopping on the prices and variety of books they stock for you to get the book and the exact content you require as far as dental health is concerned.

Making Virtual Worlds Book Launch at State of Play VI

Making Virtual Worlds: Linden Lab and Second Life comes out tomorrow, June 20th. Hurray! Even more exciting, the State of Play VI Conference in New York is very graciously throwing a book launch party for me there. The party is open to conference attendees and runs from 5:15 to 8:00 pm. Copies of the book will be there for sale, and I’ll be signing for anyone who asks. Many, many thanks from me to Dan Hunter and the State of Play folks for making this happen, and to Cornell University Press for supporting the effort from the start. Also, and not coincidentally, the book is now In Stock at Amazon. /cheer